"Honestly, yesterdays vlog was my favorite of july" by Anonymous

:) thanks for replying

"I loved all of the brotard footage this month. He is growing up so fast. Then babytard vlogging. Sooooo cuuuute" by Anonymous

I feel like Brotard doesn’t get mentioned very often in messages so that’s nice :)

"Not a question, but thank you for all your hard work. I love the gifs!" by Anonymous

Aww :D always appreciated!

So day is the last day of Molly’s vlog every day for the month of July

What has been your best moments?

"it's more swag THAN bieber! :)" by Anonymous

Oh geez I’m so bad at spelling I’ll correct it later :)

I don’t really have enough time at the moment( because I’m supposed to be going out) to make more gifs from the Swag Baby

So if there is a moment you want gif just leave in the ask

The Time it happens & Whats happening

Hopefully they will then appear in 4 hours when I get back!



The Moms View Rap video you’ve all been asking about