"hey do you know how big the end slates have to if i wanna make one? i know shay mentioned it on a vlog but i can't find the vlog. thanks" by Anonymous

Has to be 1280x720 I’m pretty sure I looked on various websites about it :)


Shay’s ALS Ice Bucket Challenge! 
Shay is donating $1000 and also donating all the money this video makes off ad sense to the ALS organization! So be sure to share it lots and watch it more than once!

If you would like to donate to the ALS association go to alsa.org

"For that person that wanted to know about tfios script, it's an a shop under the pike place market I believe. I was just there last week. There's a huge string of shops underground and there's a shop that has a bunch of pop culture stuff which also has tfios and other movie scripts." by Anonymous

Thanks so much! Here you go chardonnayripper

"In the recent "ARE YOU GOING TO CHANGE" vlog, do you know what store/name of place where Shay and everyone went where they had the 'original' scripts for TFIOS and gum with dirty phrases?" by chardonnayripper

He just says “right below the gum wall,” it must be some underground shop near the wall, anyone from Seattle know?

"Im looking for the vlog when mommytard gets given new shoes the yellow, pink and orange nike air maxes? Thanks x" by Anonymous






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