"don't suppose you know what vlog it is where shay goes to each of the kids i love you and then goes to shay 'i love you the most' think he also says to possibly brotard 'i haven't gotten to know you that well but i deeply care for you' or something like that???" by Anonymous
"hey i just scrolled through your blog and found the answer to my question, thank you very much for answering so many of these! i've been searching for soooo long, you rock" by Anonymous

That’s alright :) 

"Wait someone quit YouTube because of that? OMFG that is scary" by Anonymous

Yeah they just moved into a new home & people found the house & started sending death threats toward the children & abuse through the mail, the police had to get involved so Loraandlayton decided to move & leave YT.

Sacconejolys also had a problem with threats when they lived in Ireland & had to get the police involved many times.

"Lora and Layton from youtube just recently quit youtube in the last month because viewers found there house and started threatening them.. I'm so scared thats going to happen to the Shaytards :(" by Anonymous

Oh wow you used to watch them too!! Omgsh I never spoke to anyone before who watched them.
It was so sudden & sad that they just had to leave :/

"Are the cats shay's families or caseys?" by Anonymous

Shared to keep mice away from both places

I have had enough of this house drama

I won’t be posting any links to any sites showing any part of the property.

People aren’t that worried because there hasn’t been tweets to Shay about it.

End of discussion.
Let’s talk about more positive happy subject matter instead of who’s done what wrong or drama




"Princesstard says ‘she wants to marry chicken noodle soup’. Sontard says ‘you can’t or chicken noodle soup will die’. & she says ‘I don’t want to hear it! It will not I love chicken noodle soup I’m going to marry it.’ ‘If you do it will die’..blah blah blah"

— Katilette X